PradaGayoso directs the sale of the production unit of Pizzas Artesanas Villalbilla


All jobs and manufacturing are remaining in the municipality of Villalbilla de Burgos

PradaGayoso, the bankruptcy administrator of Pizzas Artesanas Villalbilla, received authorisation from Commercial Court number 1 of Burgos to sell the production unit of the company – which has been in bankruptcy proceedings since July 2019 – to the company Esvisa Foods.

The production unit being sold encompasses all of the company’s assets and rights. The entire workforce shall be kept, made up of 20 employees, and frozen and refrigerated pizza production shall be maintained in the factory located in the municipality of Villalbilla de Burgos.

The transaction, which will be executed in upcoming days with the signing of the pertinent public deed, received consent from the workers’ representation, the creditors with special privileges and the State Solicitor General, representing the Spanish Tax Agency.

PradaGayoso was appointed as the bankruptcy administrator for Pizzas Artesanas Villalbilla in July 2019, with Francisco Prada Gayoso (founding partner), Javier Marquina (partner) and Raquel Ramos (associate) participating in the proceedings.

Javier Marquina and Raquel Ramos point out that the sale of the production unit has been done in the common phase of the meeting of creditors: ‘It is more common for it to take place in the liquidation stage, but in this case we – the company, the buyer and the bankruptcy administrator – have preferred to speed up the procedures to prevent the loss of business value’.

Esvisa Foods, SL belongs to the food group Petricor Alimentarias, comprised of companies in La Rioja that are implementing a large-scale food project, working in the manufacture, marketing and sale of high-quality fourth-range products for consumers.