Objective evidence
with an educational approach

PradaGayoso’s specialization in insolvencies is based on its broad experience producing and ratifying highly complex expert reports in the area of economics.

Ever since it was founded by Francisco Prada Gayoso, a former Spanish Tax Administration inspector, auditor, economist and attorney, the firm has been collaborating with the courts for nearly 40 years as expert witnesses in economic affairs and business crisis management.

The firm is a pioneer in approaching its actions as an independent expert with a double aim:

  • Technical: it provides objective and impartial evidence
  • Educational: avoiding unnecessary technicisms for easier understanding by jurisdictional authorities

The group of specialists working at PradaGayoso has been working as a team for a long time based on proven methods and standardized procedures.

We offer technical assistance for court and arbitration proceedings as independent experts in economics, accounting and finance, including:

  • Damage assessment: emerging damage and loss of profit
  • Disputes between shareholders and auditor discrepancies
  • The evaluation of related-party transactions and the determination of transfer prices
  • Economic justification of labour force adjustments plans
  • Abuse of dominant position, unfair competition and anti-competitive practices
  • Unbalanced government concessions

We work on the initial phase of conflict prior to court proceedings, offering our clients and legal advisors technical criteria to assess risks, identify evidence and generate an array of negotiation possibilities with solid support.

We provide assistance with arbitration and court cases by producing reports for use as evidence and ratifying them before the authorities.