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PradaGayoso is a firm that specializes in financial restructuring and works to protect, recover and enhance company value.


in critical situations

Financial restructuring

Our team’s specialization in insolvencies and refinancing is supported by extensive experience as financial experts, tax advisors and in the area of economic crimes.

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Expert reports

We collaborate with the leading Spanish legal firms to produce expert reports which offer technical evidence with an educational approach in economics, finance and accounting to reinforce their clients’ legal strategies.

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Our background as tax advisors – the firm’s founder, Francisco Prada, once worked as a Spanish Tax Administration inspector – allows us to use our extensive experience to optimize companies’ fiscal burdens and assist them with conflicts involving the tax authorities.

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Economic crimes

We implement complete strategies aimed at protecting or recovering our clients’ assets by offering a multi-disciplinary legal and economic vision, which is essential when it comes to economic crimes.

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Fotografía de Francisco Prada

“When there’s no time to lose, experience combining an economic and legal perspective allows us to cut to the chase.” Francisco Prada

A team of
legal/economic experts.

Led since 1979 by former Spanish Tax Administration inspector, auditor, economist and attorney Francisco Prada Gayoso, the firm relies on a group of specialists that is unique in Spain.

A multi-disciplinary vision

A pioneer in approaching insolvencies from a double economic and legal perspective, the firm relies on ten specialists in financial restructuring who have been working as a team for a long time using proven methods in some of the biggest business crisis processes in Spanish history.

The technical level of its professionals is outstanding in Spain and allows the firm to handle major business crises with a multi-disciplinary approach that enhances the likelihood of success.

The members of the team all bring prior experience as a tax administration inspector, trade law judge, bank auditor, expert witness in economic criminal proceedings, computer developer, financial econometrics, procedural expert and even the privileged vision of one of the Spanish academics with the greatest international projection in the area of insolvencies.

PradaGayoso Office

The team works together in the same physical location with an office of more than 500 m2 equipped with next-generation technical resources under the same management to ensure all the essential coordination.

The firm’s experts have been collaborating for more than forty years with court authorities as experts in proceedings involving economic crimes and business disputes. Its professionals are habitual speakers for post-graduate degree courses and congresses on insolvencies and have taught many training session son accounting and finance for magistrates and tax authorities.

Specialists in business conflicts

In recent years, a number of executives from large companies have sought the services of PradaGayoso for matters related to the new economic crimes added to the Spanish Criminal Code. In these cases, the firm’s extensive experience defending people accused of crimes against the Public Tax Administration is supported by complete dominance of the keys to successfully resolving trade and business conflicts.


PradayAsociados is now PradaGayoso

The firm that specializes in financial restructuring has updated its image by adopting its founder’s surnames to reinforce its friendly nature. PradaGayoso, a specialist in insolvencies and refinancing, unveiled its new graphic image today which features its founder’s surnames as…

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Aguirre Newman Arquitectura designs the new PradaGayoso offices

The firm that specializes in financial restructuring has taken advantage of its move to Génova 17 to create a functional space that fosters talent, productivity and communication among partners and collaborators. The Aguirre Newman Arquitectura team has collaborated with the…

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The company Vértice360 has completed its financial restructuring with advising from the firm PradaGayoso

The listed company Vértice Trescientos Sesenta Grados SA has notified the relevant event to the Spanish National Securities Market Commission that it has met all of the payment obligations undertaken in its creditors agreement. PradaGayoso advised Vértice360 in reaching a…

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